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Machine building with Jeff Burt;

     -Building and maintaining a coil tattoo machine has really become a dying art, with such a tidal wave of matinance free rotary machines flooding the industry, the importance of dialing in a good coil machine is something a lot of veteran artists just don’t teach much anymore. Don’t get me wrong I use rotary machines as well as coils, they are here to stay and many of them are awesome. Coil machines on the other hand require a lot of matinance and this class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn some of the old school tricks that will keep your coil machines running perfectly for years to come.

     -In this class we I’ll build a Brass Monkey model 4 liner, this is my most popular machine, for good reason they are super strong running low voltage machines. 

     -I will teach a maximum of 10 people how to build and properly tune a coil machine that you get to keep, backed by a lifetime warranty

     -My goal in this class is to arm you with the knowledge to confidently go through all your old coil machines and get them running as good as the day you bought them, or in some cases even better.

     -The cost of this class is $350.00 and I need $50.00 deposit ASAP, this class has sold out in the past, so if your interested or have questions contact me.

     -contact me @ (508)558-5468 or email me @

Thanks For taking the time to read this and If you know an artist that might be interested please share.


                                                                                                                 Thanks  Jeff Burt

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